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Friday, May 20, 2005

Of two headlights and one hand...

The Gods have a weird way of answering one's prayers. I prayed for a vacation alright, but i didnt expect Him to send it in a truck. Yeah people, one dark road bend, a failed brake, a big bang, and quite a fall later i realised i met with an accident. Dont ask me more details of how it happened, because there is still a conspiracy surrounding the whole situation...kinda like the me-thought-it-was-two-2-wheelers-from-the-headlights-but-it-was-actually-a-truck thingy.

Im happily at home, Trichy now. For the next month and a half at least, you see, broken wrist takes time & food to regroup. Only downside is, it is darn difficult to do even the silliest of things with only one hand. Really, believe me, or try typing a keyboard with only your left hand when you feel like you have a million things to say.

Well, i do have plans of writing a couple of short stories. So have no fear, I WILL BE BACK...unless He decides to break my left arm as well to answer my prayers for a symmetrical figure.