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Friday, July 29, 2005


Flirting is one important way to woo a gal.. And some times its the only way..

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What a crowd!

What a crowd to get lost as... just a face!

With due royalties to the original photographer. Hope he doesnt sue me.


Number of solo pics that a typical gal takes is 6.75 times that of what a typical guy takes..

Friday, July 15, 2005


Me: Today marks the successful completion of 3 years in IT industry, It goes for a toast..
Alter ego : Fuck you, Get drunk and crap on your bed, BTW what is succesful?
Me: I worked on 5 projects, I worked on security, messaging systems, databases, again back to messaging , and finally web apps. you see I learnt lots of stuff and you know I performed really well, even though I was thrown like a ball in multiple projects.
Alter ego: You fcking arse hole, You can crap on your prospective employer by writing all these shit in your resume, Not me you dumb loser.

Hmm This is *me*... After all Life *Sux* when you think abt career...

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Awesome might be a very bigger undestatement when I want to describe the last two weekends. Its been pure fun. It started with pubbing on friday night and ended with a coffee day yesterday. Life is gooood, yeah really good :)..

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

BOF sessions

We have huge BOF (Birds of a feather sessions) these days.. And every time we go to restaurants/hang out places we end up in a big big sessions that lasts for many hours. This weekend we were in chic kings for lunch, as usual we were talking about gals, love, care. This is the result of that session..

1. Gals would never love a guy because he is caring for her or he is loving her.
2. Love happens only through interests and impressions.
3. Guy would try to use care as the last mechanism to impress a gal and only if all others fail, And guys who use care as their first mechanism would fail miserably :)..

And all the above is true for a friendship too..

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Gandhi - Who is that dude?

I had huge fights with my frens on the topics related to Gandhi, his influence on Indian freedom, Non violence.
This is my take on Gandhi, He is a great leader to follow, He is a very true person, You can see it from his autobiography the way he has divulged lots of things about his life, Which he could have easily hidden it. He follows his principles which are rather very tough to follow than say.

At the same time I would say that he had very less influence on Indian freedom, Indian freedom would have come anyway even without Gandhi becuase of Second World War and I doubt we would have got freedom without that. And he made a terrible mistake of making Nehru as the prime minister of India when there are very able leaders who could have led India better. And other thing I would hate him for that he has imposed some of his convictions on ppl even though they are dumb.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Knock, knock. Who goes there? Book meme!

The book meme knocked on noknok. Got bit by Kathak.

1. Volume of books/music owned?

I see a dozen in my shelf. But i remember exhausting a couple of lending libraries. Psst: try the top row last rack, they usually stack the Penthouses, Nancy Fridays and Debonairs there!

Does pirated mp3 count as owned? Then i have around 4GB of music in my comp, mostly tamil songs. If not, i have no music whatsoever! (Yes, yes, i also like that `Stop Piracy` ad on TV. Very good ad no?)

2. Last book/CD I bought?

I think i bought Catch-22 about 7-8 months ago for the second time. Yeah, thats right, i have seen five copies of Catch-22 through my hand over a period of 3 years but i have never finished it :( And if it is any consolation, i lost that copy also before i could finish it. Whats the catch, i wonder?

They sell music CDs in the shops? I thought `Download` link replaced CDs long time back!

3. Books/Songs that mean a lot to me.

Reader's Digest Book of facts: Yeah it is an encyclopedia, no..i did not win it, no..i did not get it from a burnt down neighbour's home, but through real hard work, i stole it from my school library! Kick started my love for science and engineering.
Tell me your dreams: The first novel i read.
Love Story: Sometimes, in the middle of the night, i wake up, drenched in sweat, in tears almost, and ask myself, "why should Jennifer die?".
Bourne Identity: I dont know why, but i like this novel very much. Maybe its just my childhood ambition of becoming an assasin :D
Atlas shrugged: The most confusing book i have ever read. Or its just that, the scope of the book is beyond my intellectual stretch. Nevertheless, it makes one question thyself!

You know the type, headphones on them all day, even while working, for whom walkmans are invented? Well, im that type. I need music 24/7. Every mp3 means something! Cant list any :(
Currently, listening to songs from Anniyan & Arinthum Ariyamalum.
what lyrics!! wow!!! "...tent கொட்டாய் interval முறுக்கே..."

This is the toughest question... bcos Kathak already nominated the 3 bloggers i know:( wait a minute, i know....Niket, Parag, Ulu, Bala and Ramses. But i dont know when will they read this and pick the tag up?